Move to Konstanz!

The Bechinger group will be officially starting at the University of Konstanz in October. Please visit the new website by clicking here.

Konstanz is a beautiful German old town close to the boarder with Switzerland and on the shores of the beautiful lake named after it. It is also a university town providing a very nice environment for studies and research.


Equilibrium Grain Boundary Segregation and Clustering of Impurities in Colloidal Polycrystalline Monolayers

We look at the segregation of impurities at grain boundaries in a two-dimensional colloidal system. Our impurities are interstitial or substitutional depending on their size ratio with the host particles, and thus mimic those encountered in real alloys. We measure the free energy of adsorption of impurities directly from our microscopy images and analyse their spatial distribution at grain boundaries.  We find that impurities form clusters whose size distribution strongly d
epends on their substitutional or interstitial character, as a consequence of the interaction with the surrounding crystal lattice.

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